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What is a DevOps and Security Service

DevOps is a fundamental component of a successful software development and delivery. It relies on constant planning, testing, and integration for the whole project to evolve, ensuring the quick delivery of a high-quality product at the end of the lifecycle.

One goal: Successful software development and delivery.

At Nearshore, DevOps is not just about building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure. We are specialists across many different technologies and continuously learn and share knowledge to accomplish efficient and stable deployments and business continuity.

6 main benefits you can get from DevOps

It is common for in-house staff to lack the time or resources needed to implement the required comprehensive testing. This is why various companies rely on software testing & QA outsourcing to improve the quality of their products and place their trust in the expert opinion of specialized professionals.


The combination of practices in an iterative process makes it easier for developers and operations teams to work on digital solutions faster. That’s a highly desirable benefit, as it provides you with the ability to adapt to ever-changing market demands better.


Modern systems need to be easily scalable to accommodate new needs. DevOps ensure that by letting you operate your development processes at scale. Thanks to the integrated automation, you can manage ever-changing efficiently and at minimal risk.

Specialized Roles

The iterative process doesn’t just cut down the time of software development during the building and deployment of the leading software but also allows for speedier delivery of fixes and updates. That’s because of the continuous integration and continuous delivery practices that automate the process, making it more efficient.

Enhanced Collaboration

As a part of the agile mentality, DevOps fosters a collaborative culture that puts ownership and accountability in the spotlight. Thus, everyone in the development, QA, and operations teams work together in a combination of their workflows to save time and eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies.


Using DevOps ensures a high-quality for the final product and all of its updates. Again, the key is in its practices, as it allows you to deploy new features and fixes that are thoroughly tested and safe. Besides, the constant monitoring of DevOps lets your development and QA teams know how the changes are performing and respond in real-time.

Better Security

Finally, there’s the improved security brought by automation. DevOps uses automation to ensure compliance of the entire product. This is possible thanks to practices like infrastructure as code and policy as code, which lets you define compliance on a broad scale to monitor it automatically.

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