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What is Machine Learning Development?

Machine learning has wide-reaching implications and use cases. It’s leveraged in decision-making, customer relationship management, predictive analytics, business intelligence, automation, and much more. Essentially, it makes tasks more efficient and enables computers to learn and make decisions quickly and accurately.

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Part of the field of data science, machine learning leverages algorithms, which are trained based on being fed data to categorize information, make predictions, identify patterns, make decisions, and derive insights. As is implied from its name, it allows machines to, well, learn.

Our Machine Learning
Development Services

It is common for in-house staff to lack the time or resources needed to implement the required comprehensive testing. This is why various companies rely on software testing & QA outsourcing to improve the quality of their products and place their trust in the expert opinion of specialized professionals.

Deep Learning (DL) Development

Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that leverages algorithms, modeled after the human brain, to perform tasks and draw conclusions with minimal, if any, human intervention. At Nearshore, we can help you incorporate deep learning into your technologies to create robust, automated products.

Predictive & Realtime Analytics

Predictive analytics provide huge opportunities for your business to better predict risks and outcomes. Nearshore has data specialists and software engineers who can work with you to tap into this field within machine learning.

Natural Language Processing

Sitting at the intersection of several disciplines, natural language processing (NPL) enables machines to understand language and apply this knowledge to numerous functions, such as taking voice commands and displaying speech-to-text “translations.” This is a an all-encompassing tool that can be very useful to your business and products.

Marketing Automation Solutions

Machine learning can be an effective marketing tool, allowing you to better understand your audience and adjust your efforts accordingly. It enables automation and personalization, giving you insight into consumer behavior and assisting with tasks like lead scoring, developing buyer personas, user segmentation, keyword research and analysis, and much more.

Custom Machine Learning Models

Nearshore is adept at creating custom solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients. We will work with you to build individual machine learning models that suit your business purposes.

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